Drawing The Farthest Land
Katrina Bello
17 July - 29 August
Gallery 2
MO Space, Metro Manila, Philippines

Link to exhibition and full essay

“In her latest exhibition, Katrina Bello compels one to hold their breath with soft graphite gestures on paper, tracing a journey in nature, as well as a trail through a migrant life. With works either gargantuan in scale, vast like a redwood forest or a wide open sea, or a microcosm that fits in the palm, Bello continues her explorations of lands both geographical and within memory with Drawing The Farthest Land at MO_Space, opening on July 17, 2021.”
–Koki Lxx

Drawing The Farthest Land opens for public viewing at MO_Space Gallery 2 on 17 July, Saturday, and will run for until 15 August 2021. For inquiries, please contact us by telephone at (632)8 403 6620, by mobile at (639)17 572 7970, or by email at exhibitions@mo-space.net. To learn more, visit our website at www.mo-space.net.

Images courtesy of MO_Space
Video by Miguel Lorenzo Uy