Begun in 2019, this ongoing series of small palm-sized graphite drawings is about the ingredients for Earth biogenesis:  water, ice, gas, cosmic dust.

This seris of part of the exhibition Heart & Fist, curated by Christina Quisumbing Ramilo for Vinyl and Vinyl Gallery, Metro Manila, Philippines on Sept 2019. 

Write-up on thise series:

"Katrina Bello’s 'Interstellar' drawings of ice, cosmic dust and water originate from her interest in the Earth’s biogenesis. Bello perceives the wilderness as a space that is both vast and contained. Separated by the immense span of ocean from her daughters, Bello contemplates on how to make the space between them seem smaller. She used photos of her daughters’ cupped hands as the basis for these drawings and works with an awareness of her own minuteness in the universe, and the thought that if you make something small, it becomes more intimate and precious"
~ by Stephanie Frondoso